1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043
Mon-Fri 10:00-22:00
Sat-Sun 14:00-02:00

In Art As in Cooking, instinct is enough

Located in San Francisco, Impreza is a purveyor of fine American dining from the esteemed Chef Janez Bratovs

Dishes that enhance your senses

Janez knows that his creative ideas aren’t enough and that running a great restaurant requires teamwork with the whole family.

His son Tomasz is the right hand of the chef in the kitchen, and his daughter Nina is an advanced sommelier in charge of wine.

Janez knows that his creative ideas are not enough and that running a fine restaurant requires a team effort with the whole family chipping in.

Imreza is Gourmet Cuisine

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We want to tell you about food

For the chef, everything starts with his ingredients. In his own words: “If the ingredients are good, there’s no need for fancy cooking techniques.

I like clean, natural tastes. It means the world to me when our guests say that they ate carrots that tasted like they did 40 years ago at my restaurant.”

Janez Bratovs

Is one of the best chefs not only in Slovenia, but also in the entire culinary world. He is a pioneer of modern Slovenian cuisine with vas experience.